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The Customer Experience Tipping Point

Discover how to future proof your business in today’s competitive CX battleground…

Customer experience is a key battleground for companies in today’s economy. Yet this is a battleground on which many companies struggle.

Today’s customers have more choices and more power over the brands they interact with than ever before. Meanwhile, customer expectations have risen as technological innovations and a relentless focus on the customer have allowed leading brands to deliver superb experiences. As a result, it is no longer enough to simply provide a high-quality product or a competitive price.

Instead brands are built – or broken – on customer experience.

Medallia and Ipsos will dig into research conducted across 8,000+ consumers in the US, UK, France and Germany, highlighting global trends in customer expectations and where companies need to head next in their experience journeys to ensure customer relevance, relationships, and revenue.

Watch the webinar recording for:

  • Insights into customer expectations and trends in customer experience across countries, industries, and age groups
  • Case studies from leading brands that are investing in digital CX, omni-channel feedback collection, and customer engagement and follow through
  • Recommendations on how companies can future proof their businesses for growing customer needs to come