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Medallia Releases New Business-to-Business Functionality

“Invitation Management” helps B2B companies connect with all of their customers

Menlo Park, CA—March 24, 2009—Medallia, the global leader in Software-as-a-Service Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, today announced the introduction of its Invitation Management module. The release is part of Medallia’s expansion into the Business-to-Business (B2B) market. (See accompanying press release, “Medallia Establishes Business-To-Business Practice,” dated March 24, 2009.)

Invitation Management is a flexible suite of tools for increasing customer feedback, the heart of CEM. With Invitation Management, a company’s customer feedback team can quickly identify and categorize open survey invitations. That includes invitations with incorrect contact information, such as an email address that has bounced.

The team can use Invitation Management to take appropriate action on open invitations, such as resending the invitation—to the same email address, to an updated or corrected address, or to a different contact entirely—or elevating the communication method to a different mode, such as a phone survey.

“With Invitation Management, Medallia users can increase response rates by following up on open survey invitations in a manner appropriate to the individual customer,” said Jamie Paterson, head of Medallia’s B2B practice. “Medallia’s technology makes this process both flexible and cost effective.”

The new functionality can rank customer touchpoints on invitation metrics, such as response rates and bounce counts, so that corporate and regional staff can monitor the success of each business unit in collecting email addresses and increasing response rates.

“We developed Invitation Management to support our expanding B2B vertical. For Business-to-Business companies, it’s critical to hear from every customer—even, or especially, those who aren’t the squeaky wheels—because each customer represents a measurable and recurrent share of annual revenue,” said Paterson.

“Survey nonrespondents are invisible to traditional CEM solutions, which tell you only about those customers who completed the survey,” explained Paterson. “With Invitation Management, silent customers are made visible: Companies can automatically track them and follow up using the most suitable channel, whether it’s email, telephone, or another option.”

Invitation Management is available today as a key feature in Medallia’s flagship CEM solution.