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Medallia Delivers Real-Time Customer Intelligence Solution for Market Researchers

New features in Medallia’s suite give researchers powerful analytical capabilities to drive timely business decisions and save money

MENLO PARK, Calif. – April 27, 2010 – Medallia, the global leader in Software as a Service Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, today announced the launch of the Medallia Advanced Insights Suite, which arms market researchers, customer insights leaders, and business analysts with advanced tools for producing deeper insights based on real-time customer data.

“Companies are already implementing Medallia’s CEM solutions organization-wide, enabling employees from headquarters to the frontlines to significantly improve both the customer experience and business results,” said Borge Hald, co-founder and CEO of Medallia. “The advanced features we’re launching today specifically help market researchers obtain real-time trend analysis on customer experience data and share it organization-wide within one simple platform.”

Increasingly, market researchers are taking advantage of today’s advanced CEM systems to transform their contributions to their firms. Historically, market researchers were often the custodians of stale customer data that was weeks or months old. With CEM systems, market researchers can now evaluate the voice of the customer in real time and drive their organizations to act on what their customers need today.

The Advanced Insights Suite is built on Medallia’s CEM reporting platform, already considered the most advanced and user-friendly in the CEM industry. By automating advanced analyses that had often been outsourced to specialized market research firms, the solution increases market researchers’ efficiency and productivity and generates significant savings. For example, key driver analyses, which are built into the Medallia application, can cost up $15,000 per market segment when outsourced.

The suite includes the following key features:

Enhanced Segmentation

  • Customer Lists* automatically track individual customers’ behavior over time, identifying customers based on membership IDs, e-mail addresses, or industry-specific identifiers such as frequent flyer numbers.
  • Advanced Segmentation Programming* improves on Medallia’s already unparalleled ability to slice-and-dice data by allowing researchers to drill down into any slice of data and segment on any available dimension.

Enhanced Analysis

  • Action Planner* automatically calculates which changes will most increase overall satisfaction scores. This key driver analysis provides a level of predictive analytical capability many frontline managers find indispensable.
  • On-the-fly Significance Testing* detects trends that are statistically significant, incorporating the statistical rigor of tools like SPSS into a CEM platform and increasing researchers’ confidence in the accuracy of their improvement recommendations.

Enhanced Visualization

  • Power Dashboards* enable market researchers to establish multiple personalized dashboards and switch among them seamlessly, so they can efficiently work with their many different clients across the organization, from senior management to the frontlines.
  • Visual Cross-tabs* quickly display cross-tab analyses in colors (red/yellow/green) instead of numbers, making important trends stand out visually. This feature, which makes trends easy to see, further cements Medallia’s reputation for providing highly user-friendly interfaces.

The Advanced Insights Suite is available immediately as a part of Medallia’s Customer Experience Management platform, which captures and analyzes qualitative and quantitative customer experience data from every customer touchpoint and unites entire companies, from the executive suite to the frontlines, on one CEM system. For more information on these solutions and accompanying services, visit “//”://